The Interior Tailor will work with you to choose a fabric and curtain pleat style that will create a unique look to suit your requirements.  We offer expert advice on the different pleat options and will clarify any queries you may have regarding the best style, fabric and lining for you. 


This is a modern style that suits most fabrics. It is ideal if you require less fullness or bulk in your curtains. They are suitable for tracks and rods.


These pleats make a very elegant heading for longer lengths. Each goblet is hand filled with wadding which ensures they retain their round shape.


These pleats give a tailored flat finish to the heading of the curtain. They have a single pleat on the reverse side of the curtain. Suitable for most types of fabrics.

French (Triple Pleat)

A more formal look for your curtains. They have a fixed width and are not adjustable. They are suitable for either tracks or rods.

Dutch (Double Pleat)

This is a less formal version of the French pleat and is made up of 2 pleats. They are non adjustable and give a classic style for traditional or modern fabrics.

New York (Single Pleat)

A modern and smart looking heading. They will compliment modern fabrics and any contemporary décor. Can be used with tracks or rods.

Gathered Tape Pleats – Pencil Pleat

Various widths of stiffened tape is sewn to the tops of the curtains. They are easy to adjust for width and give an informal casual look. Most tapes have three rows of pockets to adjust the height of the hooks to suit your track.

A transparent version is available for sheers or light weight fabrics. Suitable for most types of fabrics, tracks and rods.

Tab Top – Rod Style

A casual and less formal heading made with loops of matching or contrasting fabric at the top. Suitable for heavy fabrics or light weight voiles. This heading is only suitable for rods.

Eyelet – Rod Style

This heading gives a minimalistic look. A pole is threaded thought the eyelets that are inserted close to the top edge of the curtains. Not suitable for heavy or very fine fabrics.

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